Monday, 6 May 2013

How to make your Vinyl Records sound better

Hi, It's me again, Are you like me, A vinyl Record freak ? , Well I still buy Vinyl even though I have a vast collection of records, I love boot sales and charity shops, You can always pick up a bargain,  But have you ever thought about how to keep them sounding good ?, Well here is a little tip on how to do just that, First of all select the records that you want to treat, Do them in batches of about 20 as to make it easy to handle them, Right now we are going to wash ( yes wash ) the records,  Right, Start with a soft sponge and some luke warm soapy water, Now submerge your record into the water and go around with the sponge in the direction of the groove making sure not to go across the grooves and scratch them, Do both sides of the record and rinse under a cold tap, Place the record on a plate rack to drain off just as you do with the washing up, Once all the water has drained off your record, Get a clean soft towel and wipe round the record in the direction of the groove once again,  Do this to all the other records and let them dry well before playing them.  Now listen to the difference in how they sound, Your records should sound the way they did when you first bought them. I still say that vinyl sounds better than the dreaded CD that now rules our lives, But the vinyl record is on a comeback, Lets hope the trend continues.

On the left is my 1950s Murphy Valve Record player I was fortunate to be helping my neighbour to clear her loft , She was going to put it in the skip, So I asked if I could have it and it is now mine, Yessss.

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