Thursday, 2 May 2013

ROSE REDD Singer/ Songwriter UK

This entry is about a fabulous young lady Singer/Songwriter called  ROSE REDD,  Her voice is smooth as an angel, The sound that she makes is outstanding, So go to reverbnation and have a listen to her, See biography bellow!

Rose Redd is a beautiful contradiction. Eighteen years in age but unfathomably older in soul, her music has its roots in darker days, experiences, and stories and finds its bloom in both release and connection.
Equally at home with a stirring acoustic vibe or midnight pop, her poignant verses and explosive choruses let you know that she makes music because she has to.
Born in the sleepy British seaside town of Eastbourne, at six months old Redd relocated with her family to the West Midlands.
She was raised on a varied musical diet of everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Iron Maiden to Kate Bush, greedily consuming it all.
At the tender age of twelve she first found a kindred spirit in Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, whose lyrics spoke to her as a troubled young woman and gave her the inspiration to pick up a guitar for the first time and explore songwriting as a means of expression.

Not only does Rose sound great , But she is good on the eye as well ! Just take a look at her lovely photo's !

Her new single is called Perfectly Useless, And is available on i tunes , So check it out as she is superb, Well there you have it, What a nice young lady , Thank  you Rose and all the best for the future, Remember, I predicted that Stooche would be big , So I am doing it again with ROSE REDD !

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