Friday, 30 January 2015

Joe Meek Feb 3rd 1967 & Buddy Holly

Hi, It is that time of year that we once again remember the legendary Joe Meek & also Buddy Holly who died in a plain crash in 1959 on the same date as Joe , I  remember Joe as a Quiet spoken man who knew just what he wanted with his music, His Numerous hits included : Just like Eddie by Heinz, Have I the right by The Honeycombs, Johnny Remember me by John Leyton,Screaming Lord Sutch Not to mention many more, But his biggest hit was Telstar by The Tornados, 

Joe was an eccentric with a passion to be different by making new sounds that no one had ever made before, His unique technique of recording music to the loudest volume ever and speeding up some of the music he recorded !

Although some folk have said that Joe had a bad temper, I never ever heard him raise his voice, I Knew Joe for about a year and a half before he tragically died on Feb 3rd 1967.

 His music still lives on though
through the Joe Meek society and also Radio Sutch on the net, The Joe Meek Hour 9pm on Monday evenings is a must for the Joe Meek Fan, What a great show it is, It is produced and hosted by Dennis H and has some great tracks from the Meeksville era, It is fascinating to know that Joe Meek has fans all around the world and the Joe Meek society facebook page is Great stuff indeed! How did I know him you may ask ? Well I was learning how to be a sound engineer with the help of Joe, I also recorded an EP Demo in his Holloway studio with a Band called The Rapids , I was also talking with Joe about making a send up comic record in answer to Terry by Twinkle, But unfortunately  Joe died before it was going to be recorded ! Joe Meek will never be forgotten RIP Joe Meek & Buddy Holly.
This is me (Bottom)
& Billy Rossiter (top)

Me in 1969

Me 2014
I was Known by my former name ( Chris Barnes) I changed my name in 1971 to Paul Burns.

                   This weeks show is the Anniversary  Feb 2015

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