Friday, 3 April 2015

Overcoming nerves on stage

Hi, I am here again with another item on the agenda , This time it is nerves when performing in front of an audience, When I was a tad younger, I always had nerves before playing to a live audience, Now I have a dear friend who gets really bad nerves when anyone watches him play his guitar, Now , Over the past few years , I have overcome this problem by saying to myself, Sod what folk think of what I am doing , It is me up here on the stage and not them, I remember one guy saying to me , I can play better than you, I just said to him, Well if you are that good, Why are you down there criticising me when you should be out playing yourself while I am up here earning money ?  It soon shut him up, So now I don't care because for every 1 person who don't like you, There is 40 that does, And with that in my mind I don't lose my nerve anymore ! So don't be afraid to perform in front of folk as you are an artist and are well respected by at least someone !

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