Friday, 30 September 2016

Crisis charity night at the Blackheath Wanderers club 28th Sept 2016

Hi folks, This entry is for Crisis Charity night at the Blackheath Wanderers Club on 28th September 2016

Ian Anderson (above)

As you can see in this picture there was a  lot of great musicians who donated their time and talent to this wonderful event. The night was arranged by Ian Anderson a Actor/ artist / singer who got all the musicians together for this event, He also sold a good few of his CDs for the charity . Here are some of the artists that appeared on the night.

                                          Andy Clarke  a celebrity in his own right, Has played in
                                     The Rah Band, With Jeff Beck, Played on David Bowies
                                       Ashes to Ashes, 1977 had a record on TOTP called
                                          The Crunch. He is still playing gigs at 71 years old.
                                           What a great entertainer he is, And I am proud to
                                            Jam with him on Wednesday nights at the club.

Here are some more pics of musicians who attended and played..........

                                                        Bird Dog (above )

                                                   And Singer and bass player behind him
Above is his Drummer

This guy played with The Sweet in the 70s

And here is the Bass player of his Band

Simply Retro Classic cover Band playing Oh Pretty woman.
Bas playing the Blues Guitar
Terry Miurhead , He was sound
Engineer for Stock Aiken & Waterman,
He now runs the jam night on Wednesdays.

This young Lady & her friend bellow
Played an interesting set as a duo.

Tony Heasman  Bass Player with Simply Retro
Paul Burns Lead guitar/Vocalist with Simply Retro

Dave Bennett Drummer with Simply Retro
and with the Nitromen

We would like to thank everyone involved with this event,
Including Tina & Alex who manned the door and sold Raffle tickets etc and Denise who took lots of pics.
In all it was a great success .
We would like to thank the Blackheath Wanderers Club for the use of their venue.

You can read about Bands/ Singers/ Performers/ Music and much more on this Blog.
Thanks for your support and for reading this blog

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